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Steve Augustine Bio

Steve Augustine is a professional realtor in Grimsby, Ontario. With nearly 20 years of experience, he serves the real estate needs of clients throughout the Grimsby, Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas. Steve officially launched his real estate career when he joined RE/MAX in 2015. However, Steve worked in real estate throughout the 2000s, where he gained valuable personal experience in the industry.


Steve was born in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1977. He grew up with a love of music and sports. As a teenager, he pursued swimming, hockey, and baseball. He attended practices for his school’s speed swimming team six days a week before classes, hockey practice five times a week after school, and baseball practice in the summers.

On top of his involvement in sports, Steve pursued his passion for drumming– which would lead to his future career as a musician. He practiced drumming a few hours every day, and played with any band he could throughout his elementary and high school years.

As a young adult, Steve worked at a local music store in his area, eventually leading the drum department to more than 36 times their annual sales volume from $30,000 per year to well over $1 million! Steve leveraged connections with people in the local music industry, which would eventually play a part in leading him to a professional music career. 

Music Career

Thousand Foot Krutch

As time went on, drumming became Steve’s sole focus. He eventually became a drummer for Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK), a successful rock band. Joining the band was a dream come true for Steve.

He met the members of TFK at a talent show in Ontario while playing with another band. TFK were playing shows around the Ontario area, hoping to break into the U.S. market. However, their drummer was leaving the band so they needed someone to fill the spot.

Steve jumped at the opportunity because rock music was a genre he hadn’t played too much before and he was excited for the challenge. From the first time he played music together with the band, Steve felt something special.

He loved the flexibility that Trevor McNevan, the vocalist, had in his vocal ability. He was also intrigued by the bands unique interest in blending hip hop and rock together and Trevor’s ability to sing hip hop and rock but have the vocal ability to also sing a ballad.

Steve became especially close to Joel Bruyere, the bassist, during TFK’s touring years. They would spend a lot of time together on the road and shared many interests in cars, healthy lifestyle, music and as fans of hockey.

The touring life is a tough lifestyle, and Steve faced the pressures of constant travel, late nights and early mornings. He and the band played like brothers, loved like brothers, and sometimes fought like them too!

FM Static

During their time together with TFK, Trevor and Steve decided to start a side project called FM Static. The band started when Trevor and Steve were sitting in the back lounge of their tour bus talking about wanting to play more pop rock music, but agreeing that those types of songs wouldn’t fit the style of TFK.

Almost jokingly they said, “What if we started a side project?” But Trevor and Steve instantly called their manager and a record label, Tooth and Nail Records, to see what they thought of the idea. It didn’t take long before the band came to life, and FM Static released their first album, entitled, “What Are You Waiting For?”.

FM Static was a great way to get the creativity and interest of pop rock out of their systems while keeping the focus on TFK. Trevor and Steve brought FM Static on tour with TFK, performing in both bands every night as openers with FM Static and headliners as TFK for years.

Success as a Musician

Steve eventually went on to record four successful albums with FM Static and ten albums with Thousand Foot Krutch. Thousand Foot Krutch went on to sell millions of albums, millions of singles, and earn over 60 million plays per year on YouTube. He toured with TFK for 20 years, performing over 3,000 live concerts around the world.

Steve’s experience with Thousand Foot Krutch was invaluable to his growth as an entrepreneur. The three members (Steve, Trevor and Joel) started their own record label as well, releasing their own music and handling their own sales and marketing.  The skills needed to manage a business were cultivated through these endeavours. Making music and touring with TFK is a time in Steve’s life he’ll never forget, their incredible fans will forever hold a special spot in his heart and touring the world for 20 years was a gift he is eternally grateful for. 

Steve is grateful for his business partners and bandmates, and more importantly, all the fans that supported TFK by listening to their music, attending live events, and following their career online. 

Hiatus From Music

In 2017 the band decided to go on a hiatus in order to spend more time with their growing families. Steve and his wife, Aimee, have five children, Trevor and his wife, Erin, have two children and Joel is married to Justine.

Despite no longer making music together, Steve still keeps in touch with Joel and Trevor. They talk often, and are grateful for the opportunity they had to make music and tour together with their loyal fans for decades.

Currently, Trevor and Joel continue to be involved in the music industry. Trevor offers songwriting services to various artists and works on a solo hip-hop project called I Am The Storm, while Joel produces and mixes albums for different artists and record labels.

Meanwhile, Steve has built his own real estate sales and investment company in his home area of Hamilton, Burlington, and Niagara in Ontario. He runs a successful real estate brokerage with a team of agents and administrative staff who strive to offer a world class real estate experience to their community through innovative services and charitable giving.

Work Experience

Steve Augustine first became interested in real estate while touring with TFK. In his spare time between shows, Steve and his wife, Aimee, began investing in different kinds of rental properties. Along the way, they naturally learned how to negotiate contracts, find quality tenants, and make key renovations to improve property value.

Steve and his wife soon moved on to purchasing and flipping fixer-uppers, where they learned how to renovate and stage a home and appeal to home buyers in their target market. He became a prolific real estate investor, involved in flipping homes and managing long-term holdings in commercial, mixed-use, and residential properties.

After building up an extensive portfolio of investment properties, Steve decided to pursue a real estate license. He officially launched his real estate career in early 2015 when he joined RE/MAX.

Steve eventually left RE/MAX and decided to take a break from touring with TFK to start his own real estate brokerage, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Elite – The Augustine Team. His team focuses on serving the Burlington, Hamilton, Grimsby and Niagara areas.

Drawing on his investment history and previous work experience, as well as his passion for real estate, Steve and his team have helped hundreds of clients invest, buy, and sell homes fast and for the highest possible price.

Steve offers a fresh perspective to home buyers and sellers through his vast experience gained through business ownership and real estate investment since the year 2000 when he bought his first rental property.

Currently, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Elite – The Augustine Team has become one of the most successful real estate brokerages in Ontario, serving the Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby, Niagara, and surrounding areas.

The team has a group of high-integrity individuals offering high-quality service to their community. Their goal is to take the client’s stress out of a real estate transaction by guaranteeing their work and removing risk where they can.

Steve’s team has been blessed to be a top-performing brokerage, and he’s thankful to be in the top one percent of real estate agents in the world in terms of number of transactions and dollar value of sold real estate per year.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Elite – The Augustine Team, offers several guarantees for clients. Their Guaranteed Sale Program can guarantee the sale of clients’ homes otherwise, they’ll buy the home themselves. They also have a cash offer program and a trade program that lets you trade your home for any house they have listed.

Steve’s team constantly looks for creative ways to help their clients have a stress-free sale or purchase experience.

Steve Augustine Personal Life

Steve Augustine was born and raised in the Hamilton area. He proposed to his wife, Aimee, in May 2003 and the two soon married. In 2009, they moved to Grimsby. They have five daughters together: Alex, Ella, Kate, Abby and Mila. Steve’s children are the most important part of his life, and he loves guiding them toward their goals and dreams.

The job of parenting is not something Steve takes lightly. He’s so grateful for each one of his wonderful children, they all hold a special place in his heart. He has more fun than he ever has watching them live their lives playing sports, learning, following God, and growing on their personal journeys.

When he isn’t selling real estate and supporting his team, Steve likes to spend time with his family and enjoys playing sports like hockey and volleyball. He is also motivated by his strong faith in God, which guides him in everything he does.

If you’d like to work with Steve Augustine and Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Elite – The Augustine Team to buy or sell a home in the Burlington, Grimsby, Hamilton or surrounding areas, call or text him today and start packing!

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