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Luxury Home Security: How to Keep Your House Protected

A luxury house is not just the structure in which you and your family eat, sleep, and play. Rather, it is your safe haven and protection from the outside world, and it is the one place that you can rely on to bring you joy, peace, and security. Because of the importance that a home has, most homeowners will do everything they can to keep it as secure as possible.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Elite - The Augustine Team, our realtors understand how vital it is that you and your family always feel 100% comfortable and safe in your luxury house. That is why we have put together this resource for those who are looking for luxury home security to ensure that they have the safest and most well-protected house. You have invested a great deal of time, energy, and money into your home, so it only makes sense to ensure it is secure at all times.

Why Invest in Luxury Home Security?

One of the best ways to ensure that your home is protected from any threat in the outside world is to install a luxury home security system. You have worked hard and have been able to invest in a gorgeous home, and that is why it is vital to protect your assets. 

Given the perception that luxury homes have valuable possessions, they frequently attract the attention of criminals. To dissuade potential thieves and various criminal elements, opting for a luxury home security system proves to be a prudent choice. In reality, a multitude of security experts advocate for the implementation of layered security protocols. This strategic deployment of multiple safeguards ensures a fail-safe mechanism should any individual layer be breached, instilling a profound sense of tranquility. 

There are several types of luxury home security systems, and we are happy to discuss some of the top options with you below. They each have their own advantages and drawbacks, and our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Elite - The Augustine Team can help you decide which ones are ideal for your  luxury home.

Types of Luxury Home Security

If you are considering investing in luxury home security, you will find plenty of options. They can generally be classified into 3 basic categories: physical security, smart home security, and other. In many cases, luxury homeowners will actually invest in several of these measures because the layering system is highly recommended.

Our realtors know how essential it is to protect your most valuable assets, and that is why we can make recommendations for you based on those things which are most important. Below, we will discuss each of the three categories in turn to ensure you get the most well-balanced security system that is convenient for you and keeps your home secure.

Physical Security Measures

Whether it is a luxury property or a basic one-family home, many houses throughout  have invested in some type of physical security system. These are the typical types of security that most people think of and can include intruder alarms, monitored alarm systems, wired/wireless alarm systems, and security cameras. You can also have motion sensors installed as well as alarms on your windows. 

Another physical security option is to monitor your entire property through CCTV systems and other surveillance systems. This is a bit more of a complicated investment but can certainly be worth it because you will be able to tune into any area of your interior and exterior of your property without leaving the comfort of your security room.

Speaking of the exterior of your property, many homeowners want to include the outside in the luxury home security system. This can include putting up fences and gates to block the view from the road, additional security cameras, outdoor motion sensors, and even a personal security team which may include guard dogs. 

Obviously, there are a few drawbacks to these physical security options. One disadvantage is that you will have some intrusion on your privacy, depending on your level of security. With CCTV surveillance and other camera systems, you and your family’s actions will be monitored at all times. This may not suit your lifestyle or personal preferences, so it is wise to choose the type of system that suits your needs. 

Another drawback is the potential price of the installation and continued monitoring from the companies who sell the systems. According to Forbes, the average homeowner can expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $1,600 for a wired security system. Prices will clearly flex and vary based on the size of the home, the amount of security, and the type of system you choose. A personal security team (people and dogs) will certainly carry with it a hefty price tag as well. 

Smart Home Security

In our age of modern technology, it only makes sense that homeowners will want to incorporate the smart home technology into their security systems. One of the primary advantages of this type of security is the fact that smart home security is designed with added layers of protection. 

Encrypted transmissions, distinct user codes, and digital credentials form a formidable shield. Within this fortified framework, you can find solace in the certainty that no external entity will breach or seize control of the system. Moreover, the intelligence of these home security setups empowers users to effortlessly oversee their surroundings remotely. Verifying the system’s readiness, adjusting parameters with the ease of being in front of the control hub, and reviewing recorded occurrences are all seamlessly accessible through the convenience of a mobile app.

For many luxury homeowners, this option fits their lifestyles very well and provides them the protection and privacy they require. Forbes states that the average cost of the smart (wireless) home security system can range anywhere from $200 to $2,000, depending on specific factors.

One concern about the smart home security system is that, while you are not likely to be hacked, you do need to have a strong wireless connection/cellular signals. The wired home security systems do not rely on cell signal, so that is never a concern, but the wireless systems will need that strong connection.

Additional Luxury Home Security Options

In addition to the physical and smart home security systems listed above, there exist additional measures to enhance the safeguarding efforts you’ve already dedicated to. Tangible barriers that obscure your residence from view or create entry challenges serve as potent discouragements. Tall barricades, commanding entrances, and extended pathways complicate the journey to your dwelling, dissuading potential wrongdoers from even considering an intrusion.

Another minor security measure you could take advantage of has to do with your landscaping. Certain types of plants such as prickly pear cactus and rose bushes can add a small layer of protection because of their design. Thorns and cactus spines are very sharp and can definitely draw blood, so a potential intruder would be leaving DNA behind should that person be scratched by the plant.

Finally, it is always a great idea to invest in a guard dog. Whether it is your family pet or a dog designed for guard duty, the ferocious bark of your guard dog can send an intruder running away from your property. 

Find a Luxury Property 

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